vent prolapse in week old chick

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    Aug 24, 2016
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    Pretty sure she has a prolapse. I have read several other threads about this and I have tried to give warm bath and then push it back in. She is pooping and it looks normal. It is now poking out even further than before. She doesn't seem to be in distress and is eating and drinking. Any suggestions?
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    I had a prolapsed chick once and I asked a vet friend to have a look. (Mine was quite severe.) He suggested euthanasia. He did mention that people sometimes put a little sugar on it, but I honestly don't know if or how well that would work. If the problem is recurring and interfering with her ability to relieve herself, I'm afraid putting her to sleep would be the most humane option.

    Hopefully another member can offer better advice…
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    There are a few threads about baby chicks with prolapsed vents to read if you do a search at the top of tis page. Many try Preparation H cream or honey to help shrink the tissue to puch it back in. Keep it moist, so that the tissue does not dry out and die. Many of these chicks die which might be due to other internal defects, but some do live. Hopefully if you have the time to give it extra care, yours will live. Look out for constipation, and make sure that it is eating and drinking normally.

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