8 Years
Jun 5, 2011
So if the chickens aren't put away at night they will roost as high as the can jump. That would be the top of the chicken coop looking over the 6 ft fence. I live in a neighborhood so it wouldn't be a good thing for one of them to jump the fence. Last time I had to leave some where when it was starting to get dark out I asked my sister to put the chickens away. When I got back, she did put them away, but the gate was wide open! So tonight I had to leave some where. I finally gained her trust back and tonight I asked her to put them away. I came home and I asked her if she put them away and she said "Oops, I forgot". It was completely dark outside!!!!!! I ran out there and (as I thought) the chickens were roosting on the coop! So I got all of them down and put them away. I went back inside and I got really irritated at my sister (wouldn't you) for not putting them away..She is such a disrespectful smartalack!!! She told me making dinner was more important than putting the chickens away!! Theres a lot more of what she said but this is basically just the brief story...I wonder what would have happened if I woke up and they were gone!
Haha, that is true! Yet I still don't know how many times I told her how important it was this time and last! There are predators as well!!!
I agree. Especially people that really aren't into animals all together. I think alot of people place chickens even lower than cats and dogs. Regardless, its a matter of responsibility. You trusted your sister with the task of keeping living creatures safe, and she failed. Not sure I'd trust her with that task again. It's kind of that way with my family. Not that they don't think the chickens are important, they do. They all love animals, and would not want any of them harmed. However, it is the lack of attention to detail; making sure the coops are locked all the way, making sure the run door is up, doing a head count etc. I sometimes feel like a drill sargeant, but they usually forget things like that. It's gotten alot better, but I still have to double check most times.
Sisiters!!! I have many... love/hate, can't live with out them. But I would of been just as upset as you!!! Those chickens left out all night wouldn't have had a good nights sleep!!!

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