Ventilation question


Crossing the Road
Jun 27, 2021
I have an 8x12 shed to use for my coop. It has 2 windows 1.5x3, a loft area vent of .5x1 ft, and a 3 ft wide human door. Will be cutting a chicken door off a ramp at the bottom. My question is, what is the best way to add ventilation? There will be 24 chicks added in a few weeks. I know that is the max I can have in that size coop. Will also be adding 32 feet of roosting bar for choice reasons, all at the same height, one bar on each of the 3 outside walls. Thanks so much for your advice & suggestions! There is also a 32 sq ft coop we may attach (only 2 hens in it...deciding if we want to integrate before or after winter.)

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