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  1. Cheryl

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    My DH is building the coop as I write! It is a insulated box, 6' x 4', about 4' high (not that the height matters) and it will have a sloped roof. We plan on putting little round vents (4" diameter) in the ceiling, (found at Home Depot) how many would you suggest?
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    I will tell you what I have kinda gathered. you don't want it where the air will blow over the roost. When I asked my AG instructor he told me one 2" circle should be enough. So that they don't get too cold and it still allows for the moisture and any gases to escape. My coop is about 3x3x3 with the roof sloping down to 2'.

    I will be watching this to see what the more knowledgable people tell you since I have not added my vents yet.

  3. Cheryl

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    Is there someone with wisdom and knowledge that would like to put in their 2 cents, it would certainly help? I was thinking 4 vents...but maybe that's too many?
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    May 2, 2007
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    You could try it with two and if you need more go back and cut two more out. I added two large ones to my coop this summer and it made a big difference in the temps inside. I have it were I can use stuffing or rags to block it off in the winter time to keep the wind out.
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    I suspect it's going to take a lot of those little 4" vents to make a difference. Probably easier to use the larger rectangular type of vents you see on houses, and provide some sort of wind cover. Even if the cover was setup from the surface with a 1x2 so that wind didn't blow directly into the screen, but allowed some amount of ventilation. Or hinge it... I don't think I'd rely upon the 4" ones, but that's me.

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