Ventilation Type of thing?

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    Well I am working on my coop and I am wondering weather to make a solid door or one with hardware cloth for ventilation. I only have one window, and two little vents at the top roof, so I think I need more, but I cant put in another window. I wouldn't be able to close off the door ventilation, so what would they do in the winter? I live in Raleigh, NC so temps can get down to 20 I just dont want em' to freeze! [​IMG]

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    If you make the door and cover it with hardware cloth now you have until late September to early October to worry about a cold weather door. You could then cut a piece of plywood to go over the inside of the door to block out the cold weather.

    I scavange for old doors with a window or windows when I see a house being remodled. Stop and ask if they are throwing away old doors and windows and ask if you can have them. I explain I need something for my chicken house and I have been given 12 windows and a full size back door with triple window panes.

    We like photos. Show us your coop. [​IMG]
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    Can you use the hardwire cloth for the ventilation and in the winter put a piece of wood over it? or put it on there and hinge it so you can open and close it when you want to?

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