Verizon's Droid

I have one and love it now. You may have too many applications open. Things just won't download if you do. Get the "advanced task killer" (download it) and then use it before using the browser.

The guy at the Verizon store showed me that to prevent me running it over with my car. I kill all the apps before surfing the net now.
I have the HTC and my boyfriend has the Motorola. Both are great phones!! I tried opening Farmville but I couldn't. I was told it was because its a flash program and adobe is still working on a flash application for these phones.

So to my knowledge Farmville isn't available yet... if someone has it on their droid I want to know what, when, how, why and all of the above.
That is what I'm thinking-I get a message that says that Adobe isn't compatable with the Droid software. Really? That is a huge of the reasons I bought the darned thing....
Your welcome. Try calling Verizon and ask them-better yet go there and have them show or explain it to you. Ours actually has classes to learn how to use it.

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