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Hi there everyone,

I really need your help. I bought two 'hens' over the weekend, well thats what the previous owner said they were.
Now, the confusion starts here, this morning when I went out to feed my hens I saw that one of my 'hens' was mounting
another hen. I havent heard any crowing or anything. Now again this afternoon, I came out to check on them and I saw the
same 'hen' mounting another hen.

I know this may sound stupid, but, do hens mount hens??? Or is this a roo that I've gotten?

I tried to get some pics but 'she' keeps moving around too much. Will post pics once I get a decent one.

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Hens occasionally mount other hens, but it isn't very common. I think we really need some photos to tell.
I will try to get pics tomorrow. It's dark out now. I've seen it mount 3 out of 6 hens and seems to have a favourite. The favourite is a hen that has a feathery head just like 'it'. This hen is nice and hen like and the one mounting it is tall and skin with big red comb and wattles. Thanks for your input kooshie.
Tall and skinny with big red wattles and comb sounds ominous. I think someone pulled a fast one on you. Definitely need pics.
Hens can and do mount eachother occasionally.. I agree though Pics will help ALOT... There are some preetty good sexers on here
Ok, here are the pics as promised....
They are a bit blurry because it kept moving too much..

This one here it is attempting to crow, with no success, as no crow came out.

This is the only clear pic of it

Another pic

And one last one

compared to all my other hens, this one is very tall, skinny and has thicker legs.
some hens will do that belive it or not, they will mount a hen, and some can even attempt to crow, they might do that when there is no rooster around to boss them around, and they will do that to be at the top of the pecking order.
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Sorry to tell you this, but that's not a hen. I hope you live in an area where roosters are allowed. Good luck.
Thanks everyone on your thoughts.

I posted the pics and details in the "What breed or Gender is this?"section.
Everyone that replied on that post has said rooster.
Im not supposed to have roos in the area that I live, but I've been wanting a
roo for a while so im going to keep him until they tell me I cant

He's still mainly after the same hen.
Hope to get some little chicks soon...

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