Very interesting info on Silkie Mixes!!


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Nov 11, 2008
Vicksburg, MS
I've seen alot of people on here that has silkie mixes or have been wanting to put a silkie and a regular chicken together and see what they get. Well I have found some very interesting information on this. Did you know that if you breed a light skinned chicken (for example an OEGB) and a silkie, the offspring will be sex linked. All the females from this cross will light skin like the father chicken, and all the males will have dark skin like the mother (though not as dark). I just thought this was really interesting for anyone wanting to create silkie mixes.
Here is where I found the info: Just scroll down on the right until you find "Identifying Silkie Crosses" And go to the heading that says Dominant Genes.
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Hi! That information is not correct.

No, its not. I had an oops hatch one time. All peeps had black skin, there were two females and one male.
Well crap
I was hoping it was right because I just hatched 7 OEGB x silkie chicks and 4 have light skin like the father and 3 have dark skin like the mother. Oh well , i guess I'll just have to wait and see...

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