VERY lightweight Pekin hen

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by crtrlovr, Aug 31, 2010.

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    Hi there. My almost 2 yr. old Pekin hen Abby has lost a lot of weight in the last month or two. She has been eating and drinking as normal. She stopped laying when it started getting really hot here (about 2 mos. ago). I RARELY pick them up because I didn't get them as youngsters and they are VERY afraid of being handled. I picked them both up this afternoon and was SO dismayed when I picked her up -- she's super light, just feels like feathers & bone. I've been feeding them Flock Raiser and some scratch grains (mixed 1/2 and 1/2). I'll be leaving out the scratch grains except for a little bit and upping the protein by going to Game Bird Starter or something like that. Any other suggestions? They will NOT eat any type of treats like peas, other veggies, or fruit as long as I'm out there, and usually not even after I leave. Once in a blue moon I'll see them nibbling at something the chickens have abandoned after they've had their fill (watermelon or cantaloupe rinds, grapes, etc.) but not as a general rule. I'd appreciate any input. She doesn't act sick or lethargic.
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    If your bird is a pet, take it to the vet.

    If it is not a pet, it seems the bird is sick.
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    um... yeah. I did figure out that much [​IMG] I was hoping some duck owners would weigh in with some helpful hints as to what I can do to help her gain strength and put her weight back on.
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    Quote:FWIW, all my birds are pets. [​IMG]
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    Maybe mix in some layer feed? We have the opposite problem with our fatty pekin.

    Our scovy will drop weight when she goes broody so we give her beans and eggs to up the protein. My husband will sneak her cheese and yogurt too. Maybe mix in some electrolytes into the water.
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    i would bring her to the vet. i always bring my ducks to the vet when they get "sick". its hard to help without seeing it.

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