Very Muddy Run any suggestions?

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  1. skiracer

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    Apr 22, 2012
    Rainy summer and a very muddy wet run. I think it helped breed some mites for my chickens, total bummer.

    I tried straw/hay, but the chickens kick and drag and push it all to a pile on the side.

    Would a roof over the run help a little?


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    Apr 16, 2012
    Bolton, England
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    Read this article.

    Pat’s Big Ol' Mud Page (fixing muddy runs):

    There are different ways to attack a muddy run.

    1. Keep water out to start with. That means position it where water does not run in. Put it in a higher point. Use ditches, swales, or berms to keep water from running in. Slope your coop roof or gutter it to keep water out of the run. Cover the run.

    2. Get water out once it is in. Fix it so it will drain. Initial position is hugely important but you can build it up is it is higher than somewhere else so the water has somewhere to go. Sand is a great material since it drains so well, but it will mix in with the dirt or wash away, so you may need to contain it.

    3. Live with it. Put pallets or islands of something for them and you to walk on and stand on. Pour a bag of pea gravel where you will walk to give temporary relief. This is really a lousy solution but it is the best some people can do.

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