Very sick 2 week old Buckeye chick

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    Jan 26, 2010
    Waynesburg, PA
    I noticed this morning that one of my 2 wk old chicks is very listless, head down eyes closed and when I picked him up to examin him his abdomen is rock hard. I lost a chick last week that was acting the same (same hatch at 1 week old)
    I don't think it is pasty butt. I noticed though when I sat him back down in the brooder that he strained to pass a "movement" and a dab of white cheesie looking stuff passed. His vent is clean and normal pink.
    I feed med chick starter and offer fresh grass, clover, dandlion, plaintain. I am using chopped hay for bedding.
    He/she is the largest of this hatch.

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