Very sick chick need help!


11 Years
Nov 6, 2008
Thornton, NH
Hi all,

This is my first experience with a sick chick (23 weeks old) and I need help. We have a 23 week old welsummer who never really developed. She is about 1/2 the size of all the other chicks who are the same age, even the other welsummer and her comb has never developed of changed to any shade of red. Her neck seemed very short and she often has to sit down to eat. She also spends a lot of time standing around with her eyes closed outside, but if startled will run away. She can not "Fly" as she sleeps on the floor of the coop.

With all this said she has always acted normal......goes out with the girls, forages, eats and drinks well, and is so sweet. I have always known something was wrong with her, but our hens are layers and pets only so I never worried about her not laying as long as she was happy.

Today I went out and she was outside in her run, soaking wet as it has been poring for the last 12 hours and unable to really move or open her eyes. I have her wrapped in a towel in a box inside on out closed in porch with food and water. When I dip her beak in water she in unresponsive to drinking. Any thoughts? Please any advice is welcomed! I am going now to try some yogurt.
I would think she has eaten something that has caused botulism
Botulism treatment
I would give her this to drink

5 tbsp of epsom slats
warm water in qt jar
as only water

if she is not drinking do this
take a syringe and take the needle off and suck up at least 3 syringes of the epsom salts water
have only water for 3-5 days

leave her with the epsom salts water for 12 hrs before feeding

then feed her this
then give her some of this
3 tbsp of dry chicken crumbles
4 tbsp of milk
1 tbsp of yoguart
1 table spoon of apple sauce on top of the probiotic wet mash mix

see if you can get her to eat it

this replenishes her gut flora
so hope she gets going on it
sorry I didn't see this yesterday
email me any questions

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