Very sick duck. Any help would be great.


7 Years
Mar 23, 2012
West Branch, Michigan
Just to forewarn, this is going to be a long post.....
I have a Pekin duck who is about 7 weeks old. About a week ago yesterday we noticed that she was keeping her head pulled in tight to her body and would/could not extend her neck. As the day progressed, she went down hill. By evening, she couldnt even walk. At this point, my husband and I were on both of our computers frantically trying to find out what was going on. Our best guess at this point was MG/MS. So we started her on Duramycin. After a couple of days and seeing her only get worse, we switched her to Tylan-50. At that point she started to improve a little bit, then went down hill again. At this point, I realized that I had been letting her dehydrate (OMG! I cant believe I did that!). At that point we started pushing fluids with a crop tube. We have been using electrolite powder mixed in water and for food, we have been giving her yogurt and greenbeans/ squash, peas, etc. in baby food form.
So, this is where we are at today. She can hold her head up if my husband pushes it up into position (this is major since she has not been able to do that in a week), She wont/cant move her feet, I am still having to tube feed/water her. She does seem to be "in the neighborhood" as far as being aware of her surroundings, which is also major since a couple of days ago she seemed to have checked out.
Oh, Two other things: None of our other birds are sick at all and the sick duck has the most amazingly green diarrhea I have ever seen. Oh, and my reference to duck as 'she' has no actual meaning. I actually think 'she' is a drake, lol.

So, what I was wondering is, am I missing something? If anyone has any thought on this it would really help. Thank you in advance!

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