very sick goose *please help*

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  1. when i went out to put them up for the night, i found my goose Lucy (tufted roman ~2-3 yrs old), laying in the grass. she didn't get up when i approached her which was strange. she let me pick her up, which she has never done. she obviously couldn't stand up and was breathing irregularly. she had foamy slime coming out of her mouth and a little out of her nose.

    what should i be doing? i've got her wrapped in a cool damp towel and i've been squirting water on her beak to rinse the slime away and hopefully hydrate her a bit. she will drink from the bucket, but not much. she's tried to stand a few times but she falls over after a few steps with her legs straight out behind her.

    it's been very hot today, but she's been fine every time i've gone out to check on them. an hr and a half ago she was up drinking out of the bucket. they free range in the yard and have tons of places to get shade. is she overheated? dehydrated somehow? or is this something else? i've only had these geese about 6 weeks and they are my first, so i'm truly out of my element here.

  2. anyone have experience with botulism in poultry? this forum talks about the symptoms, which are pretty close i think.

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