Very sick hen...please help


7 Years
Apr 5, 2012
North Carolina
My 1 year old Welsummer hen began what I thought was crowing. She is the leader of the flock. She comes to me ent out to feed them she went to my front door, still crowing as if to tell me she was sick. She was. Last week she had a day of sneezing but I did not see watery eyes or nose. This morning she has her mouth open and has labored breathing, and sounds congested. I have made a solution of Tetroxy HCA-280 and have been forcing her to drink it with an eye dropper. I also treated with Ivomec, one dose in case it's gapeworm. In addition I gave her fish oil in case of impacted crop. I know this all sounds like excess but I have lost chickens in the past due to missing the symptoms. It has been miserable rainy, hot and humid in NC all summer. She free ranges and eats lots of bugs and worms plus organic feed and whole grains. Any thoughts?
The antibiotic may help. Tylan and erythromycin are good also. Ivomec might not work on gapeworm. Valbazen or Safegard liqiud goat wormer would be a better choice. Some chickens will get sour crop with other illnesses since it is a kind of thrush or yeast infection causing a a squishy full crop. Nystatin or Medistatin (on available online) are good to treat that.

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