very strange! blue egg inside brown egg [pics]


9 Years
May 28, 2010
Birchwood, TN
I have a hen sitting on 10 eggs, This morning she came out to do her business, and I took the opportunity to check on the eggs. She has been sitting for 7 days now. I noticed that one was a broken shell but still basically whole. So I pulled it out...
It was a brown egg, but as I looked more closely, I noticed that under/inside it was a blue egg! And the shell of that egg was hard and intact!
I got the eggs from a friend who has a silkie rooster (and maybe another, I don't remember) and, among, others, Ameracauna hens.
So the only thing I can think of is that a blue egg laying hen was bred with a rooster whose hens of that same breed lay brown eggs - or vice versa.
Any other ideas??
Odd, indeed...

[note: as I was handling the egg to turn in around for pictures, the brown shell kept flaking off. When I first saw it, there were just some cracks, and a dime-sized piece gone]




Freaky, huh??
I don't think so b/c when I first picked it up, the brown shell was whole, except for a dime-sized piece that was missing. If you look closely at the pictures, you can see there is still far too much brown shell all the way around for another to have slip inside. Besides, when I first picked it up, the brown shell was whole except for a very small missing piece.
Good guess, though?
Duh! the other reason I know that it wasn't this is because I started with 10 eggs and there were still 10. If a brown one had busted and the blue one slipped in, that would only have left 9 eggs...
You might want to submit this to Ripley's Believe It or Not. Seriously. My daughter has a bunch of these books, and this egg thing is EXACTLY the type of things they show.

This is unbelievable!!!!
Yeah, there's a cool video somewhere on here that has a guy showing the eggs (several!) inside of an egg. But those were tiny and didn't have hard outer shells.
When I shared this with my friend who gave me the eggs, she said "people really need to have chickens to truly understand the complexities and oddities of nature." So true...
if it wasn't one egg slipped into the brown shell... how did that blue egg get so stained/dirty? i vote for that or prank!

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