VERY STRANGE... Egg inside an egg??


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Mar 8, 2011
Southern California
I am wondering if anyone else has ever had this happen:

I went out to the coop this morning. My Americauna hen that lays very large (jumbo) pastel green eggs, but stops when it is very hot was up on the roost. She hadn't laid for several days. But, this morning there was an egg on the ground, broken, clearly dropped from the roost position. I knew it was hers, as it was large and pastel green... I reached down to pick it up and inside of it was another egg, in shell, intact, whole and unbroken. Very strange, and egg inside an egg. Anyone else? Same breed of chicken or ?

Both eggs the same color... pastel green inside of pastel green. Not from a broody hen, and not near any other eggs, just laid from the roost, dropped.

Thank you.
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The Chickeneer
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Jun 2, 2010
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There's a thread with a youtube video somewhere around here where that happened to someone else within the last year. I don't remember what breed chicken it was, but it was a brown egg, if I recall correctly.

That must have been a neat/cool thing to find. It has never happened with any of my girls (so far), but it does happen.


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Jun 14, 2009
Western Colorado
I had an egg a couple of weeks ago that had a very thin shell, when I picked it up, it broke - and was filled with water (or some very clear liquid). Only time this has happened.

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