very young duck... with an eye problem

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    Full disclosure... I know nothing about ducks.

    My uncles farm has lots of ducks... mostly mallards and mixes. They live on an open stream and hatch out babies in the barn. One was left in the box stall and it's got a damaged/closed eye with another cut above it. Probably couldn't find it's way out with the others...and was pecked and abused.

    Bleeding heart... well maybe, but it's so darned cute.


    What to feed? Do I need an eye dropper or just some water? should I push food? If so.. I can go to agway and get some... (the others just eat whatever is thrown to them morning and night.
    What about electrolytes or whatever is needed to help it survive.

    If the eye heals it may have a chance...

    Appreciate any help and/or insight on ducks.

    Thank you

    (chicken person)

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    Bravo, McG00fy.

    Please take a look at the first post here on raising ducklings

    I would take the little one in for at least a few'll need to carefully reintroduce later, sometimes it goes smoothly, sometimes it takes a little social engineering.

    You may need an opthalmic eyedrop for the eye, or you might do fine with Vetericyn eye ointment, or even a mild saline solution rinse four or five times a day could do it.

    I would get a waterfowl starter crumble if available, otherwise non-medicated chick starter crumbles. Third choice, medicated chick starter crumbles. Provide food with water 24/7. Make a head washer. I think the link above describes those...there needs to be a balance - water available to wash the head frequently, but nothing that the duckling could drown in.


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