Video of rooster covering / treading on / mating with hen

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    I am in process of creating a string of videos and recordings depicting chicken behaviors. Below I have a rooster copulating with a hen than is willing which is typical in small natural sized harems that are free-ranged. Sequence not best but also show other behaviors such as one hen being aggressive to other. Can you see it? A very specific sound precedes pecking.

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    I'm glad you're doing this. There are so many sounds and behaviors that a catalog of typical ones to reference would be extremely helpful. But, do you think there will be variances among breeds? For example, in the video the sound that I think goes with the one hen pecking the other is a completely different sound than I've heard my birds make when pecking one another.
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    Love the voice! "Go find Sallie, go go" best "Wing" Man right here! :D

    Great videos :) Will be watching!

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