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    I've read a few messages that said they could 'see the coop' from the house, etc. I'm wondering how important it is, and why? I'd like to build my coop out behind my garage, with the run basically going back into a lightly wooded area (for shade and because it's land that isn't otherwise being used, I don't have a big yard, only .6 acre). We won't be able to see the coop if we place it where we're thinking, although we could put it perpendicular to that spot and have full view of the coop, but not the run. Any thoughts would be great!
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    I know the reason why we put our run where we did was so I could also see it from the house. I wanted to be able to look out my back window and check on them. (I am just a tab overprotective of them. [​IMG]) I don't know if this is the reason for others or not.

    I think it would be more important to make your run predator proof then to be in full view of your house.

    Great idea about thinking about having shade for your chickens. The west side of our run is shaded with pine trees. Hoping to give them some relief in the heat of summer.

    Hope this helps!

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    I think most people have a sense of security for their fowl when their coop is visible to them and some have it that way simply because they enjoy watching their birds while doing things at the window.
    Being able to see the coop definitly does not hurt anything, but since we can't (most of us) stand and watch it 24/7 then what is really the most important is not if it is visible or not, but if it is preditor proof.
    My coop is located behind my garage too and unless I am standing to one side of the property, it is not visible at all.
    I like it there because I'm in a similar situation as you are. It's shady and plus it's in pine trees that are used for nothing.
    I'd worry more about preditor control and less about location as far as visibility.
    Enjoy your flowl!
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    We can see our coops from the trailer mainly because it was the only level land on our rented 2 acres not because of predators...our Australian Shepherd keeps those at bay for us. [​IMG] It is nice to be able to look out our kitchen and computer room window and see them, though...

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    We had our coop in the far end of our backyard and someone climbed over our 6ft fence, cut a hole in the back of the coop, and stole our chickens. We built a new coop much closer to the house-one reason to have it somewhere where you can check on it easily.
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    Quote:Wow!!! The nerve of some people...[​IMG]

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    We put our coop in sight of the house solely because I love to stand/sit at the windows and watch my chickens when I'm working inside.

    Every morning when I get up the first thing I do is look out my window to see the chicken coop and barn and make sure everything looks Ok. I also do a last check as I'm going to bed to make sure everything is quiet outside.

    Ok, also partly because I want to make sure nothin is messing with my girls!!
  8. We can see our barn from the house, and the outdoor run will be positioned so we can see our hens. I think this is a good idea for all animal care...could you rig a security mirror so you can see them?
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    I can't see my coop directly from where I sit and work all day...hence the chickNcam!
  10. I've been on your cam, too! Thanks for sharing, it IS a fantastic idea.

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