Vinegar As A Weed Killer??


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I thought i read on here somewhere that you can use vinegar as an animal safe weed killer??
Does it really work?? And is the vinegar diluted? And will apple cider vinegar work? I have both white and apple cider...
Just looking for an animal safe weed killer as i have my pigs and geese in my yard...
Thanks for any info!
I have goats.
I heard about a guy using white vinegar, but he used it on Russian Thistle when it was young. Said the livestock loved it.
Spray it on until it is dripping wet.

I've never tried it, so this is hear say.
Yes it will work. Works best if it is sprayed on on a hot sunny day.
Not always effective to kill the roots though. The weed might come back.
Might take a couple days to see the results.


No need to dilute the vinegar, and I think any vinegar will work.
Straight white vinegar, don't dilute it. It kills grass, Canada Thistle and some other weeds. For the thistle, you may have to spray a second time if it starts coming back. They also sell a higher percentage vinegar just for using as a weed killer, but it costs something like $9 a gallon.
Awesome!!! I LOVE this because i wont have to worry about my animals getting into chemicals. Thanks so much!

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