Violent 1.5 week chick


6 Years
Apr 21, 2013
I have a flock of 5 unsexed chicks, 2 light Sussex and 3 golden wyandottes. They were all born on the same day (maybe two days not sure) but the two Sussex are getting REALLY big especially Lacy (name of the chick). She has fluffier tail feathers than the rest and very thick legs, I read somewhere on here that that means she's a girl? In any event, today she attacked one of the wyandottes which are considerably smaller, she climbed on to another chick (pie) and scratched and pecked him. (BTW plz note I do not know the sexes of these guys I just sort of call them girls or guys) in other words, one of the wyandottes got the **** kicked out of him by the huge Sussex. I have out both Sussex in a different container for now but I'm not sure what to do... Help!!
Okay well what do I do with it? I dont want to keep it and the other sussex separated for too long from the Wyandottes because Im worried itheywill be worse when i put them back in with them...
Three things was told on how to stop pecking. 1. Hang a shiny CD in the brooder, they peck at it instead. 2. red warming light helps. 3. Spread Pine tar on the picked on chick. Chickens hate the taste. This is found in horse section of feed store. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the advice guys.
They are now 2 weeks old (at the time they were a week and a half). I think their housing was too small, it's was A Wood box which I think they grew out of. Now they are in a big cardboard box with pine shavings over newspaper for floor and they have white light. They have been mostly fine now, I guess it was probably just the close quarters.

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