Visible comb growth in 2 weeks?

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    Mar 9, 2011
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    Hi everyone! We've have our two hens for 2 weeks. I was told they are 1 year old and have been laying since last fall. Since we've got them home their combs seem to have grown. I've taken before and after pics, and I think there is a noticeable difference. Their feathers are coming back in nicely and I think they've both put on a bit of weight. We've been getting eggs for almost a week (from the White Rock I think) and we are now getting 1 egg a day!

    My concern is that maybe they lost some of their combs to frostbite this past winter and they are now growing back, is there anyway to tell? Is this normal growth in the spring for 1 year old hens? I want to know what to watch out for this coming winter with these hens and our 8 little ones to come.

    Here they are before (April 10th):

    Here they are after (April 23rd):
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    I am thinking they look like they have healthier combs.
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    I agree, they look healthier. Combs don't regrow after frostbite, or so I've read. It's as if they are finishing up maturing.
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    Aug 25, 2008
    They may have just finished a molt, combs tend to "shrink" during a molt. It could be just maturing. Or it could be that they are flourishing under your care! [​IMG]
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    You mentioned their feathers growing back in?? Had they molted recently, or were they just not well taken care of?? I know when my girls went through their molts, their combs were much paler and appeared somewhat shrunken. When they got over their molt, just before they started laying again their combs "filled out" and became bright again. Birds who are ill, malnourished, etc. would go through something similar.
    Both of your girls are very pretty and healthy looking now [​IMG]
  6. Noymira

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    Mar 9, 2011
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    Thank you all for the responses!

    I think they were coming out of a mini-molt when we got them, they were both a little thin on feathers around the neck and head. I think they were a little neglected by their previous owners, a teenage boy was supposed to be "caring" for these two and kind of lost interest. They had raised about 40 from eggs, but the rest are now at an egg farm their family owns in another town.

    They were also kept in this little tractor without adequate shelter all winter (in my in-experienced opinion). There were gaps in the back of the coop and part of the roof and no door; not so much of a problem now that it's warmer, but I imagine when it was -20 back in early February it was not pleasant. Even now we have a tarp over the tractor to keep the rain out. They did have a 60W white light bulb in there for heat, but no roost. We've taken out the light (I was worried they were taking the feathers off each others necks) and added a roost. That's why I was worried about frost bite.

    We've been giving them layer pellets and fresh water. Plus we've been giving them BOSS and cracked corn and meal worms and earth worms for treats. I've also been tossing small chunks of sod that the plow had scraped up into their run for entertainment. I'm trying not to feed them too many treats, but my almost 2 year old decides that they need "more treats" every time she's outside. I hadn't realized how much of a difference two weeks with lots of TLC can make! We will be moving them out to our 10x10 coop once it and the large run are finished in another month or so, I can't wait to see them in the big run (12'x18')!
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    TLC and happy birds.they look great.[​IMG]

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