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Jul 27, 2021
I have a new pekin duck who I believe is suffering with a niacin deficiency (I got her a week ago and didn’t consider the change of food to effect her, I feel awful but she’s back on duck and geese grower rather than just duck - lady I got her from said that’s more than likely the issue as she’s had the same problem before) i’m not 100% sure on age but I believe she’s around 14-16 weeks, I also have her “sister” (I think she’s a week or so older though) who is fine, maybe a tad limpy the other day but is completely fine again now. She’s having nutritional yeast on her food (Also have brewers yeast on hand but unsure which is better) But I saw someone mention Vitamin B complex to help - I have some tablets but unsure exactly how to give them to her (My guess is crushing them) and I ordered some liquid as well however it has other stuff within it so unsure if it’s safe, If I add a picture of the ingredients can someone tell me whether or not it will be okay for her (The liquid is Floradix vitamin B complex liquid vitamin formula)? If not any suggestions on methods for tablets! She is a bit less wobbly today and still overall perky and happy but I’d like to do whatever I can to get her happy and healthy! What I have is the only stuff i could quickly get my hands on (I’m in the UK and most links I found on here were US shops for stuff) Help appreciated! First time dealing with issues like this in an older duckie, only had a minor version of this with my runner duckling a year ago! :)


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Feb 18, 2021
San Martin, Peru
Vitamin B complex has B1thiamine, B2 riboflavin, B6, B12, biotin, niacin, folic acid, vitamin K, etc. Some or all of those.

It should not have Vitamin A or Vitamin D, because overdosing Vitamin A is damaging.

So B and K vitamin dosage is not dangerous. The other plants and fruits in your vitamins seem to be harmless and may even have some benefits. They seem to be natural vitamin K and C sources which are hugely beneficial.

For the tablets, you could crush them into a powder and put 1 tsp into 100 mL of water. That is a concentrated mixture you can administer into the water or via dropper.

I would put 50 mL of the concentrate into 1 L of water. Or if you want to administer by dropper, I would put maybe 2mL of the concentrate with 1 mL of water, so dilute it a little bit and administer directly.

This is how I administer vitamins is with a powder and a concentrate because I buy 1 kilo of B complex powder for $6 and have to mix my own, where the tablets cost 100x more.

Also dosages vary depending hiw often you give them. The dosage I recommeded would only be given one or two days, not every day thats too much.
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