Vitamins or Supplements for chickens?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Kanchii, Jun 21, 2008.

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    They get layer crumbles, scratch, cracked corn, and lots of treats like yougurt and veggies and meal worms. But I was wondering if theres some sort of vitamin supplement out there for poultry, that I could like, put into their water or something.
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    You could get Avia Charge 2000 (available mail order from a few places - can google) - I use this and mix with their water pretty much daily unless it's a day when something else is in their water (I use it at a milder strength than the container indicates, because my feathered friends don't like it really strong) . Durvet makes a periodic supplement for poultry - vitamins and electrolytes. That is not a daily supplement.
    Once a month or so you can add apple cider vinegar with the mother to their water (put nothing else in the water that day) - a search here on BYC will give you more info about this including its benefits - certainly safe would be 1 teaspoon per gallon but I think some folks use more. On ACV days don't use metal containers for the water.
    Your feathered friends sound like they have a great mom [​IMG]
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    Quote:Thanks so much for your help! And yes, [​IMG] They are very spoiled.
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    Avia Charge 2000, can be purchased at McMurray's. It lasts a long time, especially if you mix it in dilute batches. My birds like it better in a weak solution too. You can also add it into a wet mash if you have to provide a little extra something for a bird that is under the weather. I don't think you can go wrong with Avia Charge--it's great!

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