Vote to legalize CHICKENS in Chandler, AZ!!! 5/1/13 PLEASE!!


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Mar 31, 2013
Just in case there's someone out there that has illegal chickens in Chandler, I just heard today that Chandler, AZ is going to vote on keeping chickens. Tomorrow is the zoning meeting. Please anyone that can make it, come! :) Tell anyone you know from Chandler please!!!

Here's the draft:

Please spread the word!!! I don't want to be an outlaw anymore!!!
There's an old thread about chickens not allowed in Chandler, I posted there too...
The new bill will make it very difficult to own chickens under the noise ordinance. BUT! Did any of you notice the dog section that they slipped into the bill? Making it virtually impossible to do anything about noisy dog barking? I think the person who slipped that part into the bill owns a very loud dog and is tired of being reported.
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Please keep us updated on the progress. I am selling a home in Chandler that has a lovely chicken coop and the owners quietly kept chickens for years without complaint. Both times there were public meetings I heard too late! Lets hope we can get this through soon!
The city council voted no
but there is another vote to allow chickens if you get a licence for each, like a dog. Very annoying. Oh well, now I know if we ever move, it should be to Mesa, or Scottsdale! lol they have loose chicken laws from what I could tell.

Novaleigh- I didn't notice that. At the meeting, one of the main points made about the chicken noise is it's usually more quiet than a dog barking. So... I don't get all the red tape nonsense anyway. Getting tired of these chicken haters. Maybe I should have a beagle farm instead.

City Council to discuss Urban Chicken policy July 11
The Chandler City Council will consider an amendment to Chapter 35 of the City Code to permit residents to raise chickens on single family lots on July 11. Additionally, the Council consider amending Chapter 11 of the City Code to designate unreasonably loud chickens as a disturbing noise, and amending Chapter 14 by repealing the requirement to obtain written consent to keep animals within 200 feet of residences. The meeting will be held at the Chandler City Council Chambers, 88 E. Chicago Street and begins at 7 p.m.
Sooo sad and upset. We live in Chandler, had to get rid of our chickens. One of our neighbors complained a year or two ago after one of our hens layed and was being vocal about it. Since then, we have dealt with the police, the City Code Enforcer, the Zoning Dept. Have been to the City Council meetings and have paid for a "Use Permit". We have now been told that we cannot apply for a "Use Permit" for keeping our pet/backyard chickens because it does not include chickens. The City Attorney is now involved. This whole thing is very frustrating...My 11 year old son and I are very sad. Now when I go out in my back yard, even though it's beautiful with our gardens, flower beds and green grass, it's empty. I sure hope the laws change in Chandler and will continue to be an active participant in voting to have the right to have backyard chickens.
The city's got bills to pay and they'll make the laws you'll be forced to violate, and have to be fined for, so they can pay the city's bills. It's called politics.
I hope there's a change someday. But, Blue is right, it's politics. I will remember when it comes time to vote for city council members though. Maybe we can make some changes if we get some new people in... But, I'm not as optimistic as I'd like to be after this last vote.

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