waiting for a broody.

the sussex girl

6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
i am currently waiting for one or both of my White Sussex to go broody for me so we can start our flock growing on.
we have Ray, a cockrel, who despite having a limp currently appears to be doing his duty.
as we have a mixed flock of generic chickens for eggs as well as 2 white sussex i have been keeping those eggs i know are from the sussex in the fridge. am i a complete idiot? i am changing them regularly so as not to keep them too long.
basically i dont want brood the brown or black hens eggs, as, well i have seen more meat on a butchers pencil!

am i doing right keeping the eggs in waiting in the fridge? any suggestions?
Don't keep them in the fridge, it can decrease fertility or something. I just know you are not supposed to keep hatching eggs in the fridge. Also there is certain things you can do to in courage them to go broody such as leaving fake eggs/golf balls/ping pong balls in the nest boxes.
Room temperature is best to store eggs for up to 7 days, leaving the eggs in the nest box may encourage broodiness or you can use fake eggs as suggested above. Be careful when your hen first goes broody as I had one go broody, started shoving eggs under her and she left them! I would wait a couple of days then add eggs, or when she goes broody and comes out for a drink and some food put some eggs into the nest.

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