Waiting for egg #2

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    Sep 19, 2012
    I was SO excited when I got my first egg! Yippie...here we go. Well...got egg #1 on Saturday...no #2 yet!

    I've got a approx 2 year old New Hampshire, a 6 mos bantum brahma, a 6 mos old wyandot, and three 10 week red stars...

    first of all...not sure WHO gave me the egg...but, when should I get a second one?

    My girls are out in their 10 x 10 run only during the day. However, when I get home in the evening (about 3 -4 pm), the door opens so they can free range until dark. They also free range when we are home during the weekend. the first egg was in the coop, in a nexting box...they were confined to the run that day. Hoping they haven't decided to find another nesting area somewhere in the yard !
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    it will be a couple weeks before you get another egg just for a cause check in bushes brush and sticks cause when we were standing out side the chicken made a little nest in the sticks and layed 7 eggs so check in the places i gave you and maybe some other places too

    good luck hope you find the eggs you are looking for! it can be FUN!!!!!!![​IMG]

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