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Discussion in 'Geese' started by califcamper, Aug 15, 2014.

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    Apr 19, 2007
    I have a friend who has raised 12 geese, beautiful white, and a few light brown and they are in a pen, but have also
    wandered since they were small. They are rounded up in the evenings and put back in the pen, and then usually let out
    during the day.
    They live in a campground, and wonder through the park, very nice pets, and they have a nice place to live. There is even
    water for them t go in (its along a bayou), however they don't seem to hang out to much in the water, maybe once every 3 or 4 days
    and they don't go to far in, mainly stay at the bank.
    The problem is they are starting to head towards the road, and now on 3 occasions have stopped traffic, and we ran out and
    shewed them back in.
    The area they live in is huge, I would say 50-100 acres plus the water, but ofcourse they now want to go to the front of park and
    head out the driveway coming in and out to the main road.
    Is there any way one could deter them from doing this? There is no way they could put up a gate here, it just wouldn't work with
    everyone coming and going.
    Anyone have any luck with at all out there?
    Right now they are being contained in their pen for the last several days....
    Any help or just info is greatly appreciated. THANKS
  2. Miss Lydia

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    Welcome to BYC, could the geese be looking for greener grass? geese are grazers and will wander around looking for the best grazing areas, could that be in front of the camp ground, about all you can do is fence in a very large area with grazing in it to keep them safe and keep anyone from having an accident. as far as not getting into the water, maybe there is something under water that scares them, snapping turtle are a big problem for water fowl, also gators since you say Bayou, 50-100 acres sounds heavenly to a gaggle of geese but if it doesn't have grass covering it it may not appeal to them.
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    As Miss Lydia says the geese are looking for greener grass and will be attracted to where it is. The only thing that can be done is purchase signs slow down gees in road... Or hand made signs saying slow down for geese...

    My geese have a full pasture to graze in and they insist on going over to the neighbors grass on the other side of the road. People around here know I have expensive geese so they slow down and let them have the right of way...

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  4. califcamper

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    Apr 19, 2007
    thanks for the reply,
    yeah area they are in is really nice green grass,
    so it looks like they are just natural wonderers
    I guess they will have to keep them in the pen
    and let them out when they can be watched...
    No gators here, but snapping turtles maybe keeping
    them from the water, not sure on that one.
    thanks again
  5. Miss Lydia

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    I think that would be the best decision, that way the motorists will be safe and no geese killed. [​IMG]

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