Wanna guess my mutt mix?

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9 Years
Jan 2, 2011
I have 4 "mutts" that I adore! But, I don't have a clue what mixes they could be. we got them at about a month old from a guy that DH used to work with and he didn't remember what they were. I *think* he had only one rooster that DH said is HUGE and white maybe (?) but I don't know how many hens he had, so I don't know if they are brothers/sisters or not.

The 2 roos are pretty much identical, other than leg color (one white, one yellow):

He turned away just as I was about to take the pic but he has a pea comb

Not a great pic but you can see some of the color variations on their abdomens:


My girls are smaller than our other pullets and were slower to mature. Both have pea combs and are pretty skittish birds but seem smarter than our other girls.
And, their tails have always pointed out instead of up.

Amelia Bedelia:

Better shot of coloring on her breast:

I don't have a recent shot of our other mutt girl, Red Light. But, I have this one from a couple of months ago (she is standing behind Amelia). She has kind of a partridge-y pattern with yellow legs

My stinkin' mutt boys practically had "Freezer Camp" tattooed on their foreheads when they were younger but they are such good birds! They have decided to completely free range and spend most of their time hanging out by the house. They've never been aggressive at all and are more like dogs hanging around begging for treats.
the roos have EE in them and likely also the hens, not for sure what else. they don't look so small. the pullets show a pattern gene showing up, but that could be from the EEs. one pullet appears to have the red breast gene that is common in game, but can be found in brown leghorn, dorkings, and others. the other has the silver gene. i don't know what they are but pretty enough
I don't see anything indicating EE heritage - they don't have any traits other than the pea comb, which is carried by other breeds, and the red-breasted hen appears to have a straight comb. Of course the egg color would indicate whether the hens have EE heritage.

As someone else said they do look like they may have game in them, as game chickens are found with pea combs. Interesting how similar the roos look, since one is white-skinned and the other is yellow. I believe the pattern on the females is called duckwing - definitely not partridge. Duckwing is very common in game birds, and games can be found as large fowl as well as bantam.
the roosters have very similar coloring as my americana so that would make them possable ee's, the hens look like they have game mixed in them could also be possable ee's and i'm not saying 1st generation though
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