Want-a-be backyard chicken farmer


8 Years
Apr 23, 2013
I'm so excited to have found this site. I've been researching, reading, and bugging my sister (seasoned chicken farmer) about raising chickens. I'm looking forward to learning from some seasoned chic magnets and rooster wranglers. Not sure whether I should take the plunge and get my chics before the coop or build (or buy) the coop and then get the chics. So, hopefully perusing the forum will give me more insight on what to do. Checked out local ordinances and home owners association and am good to go.
I'm new too. We planned on building our coop then lucked out when a neighbor was moving we bought his. I will be expecting chicks soon and glad we found the coop in time instead of being rushed to build one now.
Hello and welcome from Ohio....so glad you joined BYC

Good luck with your research and cant wait to see pics of your new coop and chicks

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