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Dec 13, 2011
i have been playing around with the idea of gettin a turkey i have 20 hen i really only want one to start out with never had a turkey anyone have tips or pointer
Maybe you could consider getting 2? I am down to one hen right now and she is VERY lonely. She is out with the chickens and ducks but thinks I'm her tom. She is always trying to get in the house and stands at the fence crying for me. I'm looking for a tom locally now to keep her company.

Good luck with getting turkeys. They are really my favorite birds (please don't tell the chickens or ducks)!
My two cents for what they're worth -

Turkeys are a little more delicate than chickens when they are young and have to be kept warmer for longer in the brooder. Until they are about 3 or 4 months old they seem to be more susceptible to disease and just falling over dead.

My turkeys do have more personality than my chickens it seems and follow us around the yard "helping" out. We love them dearly.

Other than that I'm not sure that there's much difference between them and chickens. If there is we haven't seen it. They are great bug catchers.
How about bourbon red turkeys? I have some bourbon reds and narragansett turkeys and for me I find that the bourbon reds are the most friendly of the two breeds I have
out of 7 red hens 5 will come right up to you and sit down by you so you will pet them and 1 hen named jenny demans, not ask, DEMANS that I pick her up and put her in my lap to pet her
where as the narragansett turkeys hens, I had 5 of them, only 1 is friendly. IF YOU LIVED IN N.Y I WOOD BE HAPPY TO SELL YOU SOME
I got 4 poulterers from local feed store in late July and they are just dolls! The three remaining have all started laying and were the BBW. I did sloowly introduce them while poults to the chicken coop (to build their immunity) and they have been incorporated by the flock.
Love our turkeys! Our Midget Whites are nice and mellow, and get along fine with the chickens and ducks. We only had 5 out of 15 poults survive to adulthood, so I would try to find older birds for your first turkey project. Craigslist has some individuals from time to time, in our area anyway.

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