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8 Years
Jan 31, 2011
Drummond, OK
Well I have been buying bcm eggs and incubating them for a year. Slowly and because of low hate rates got the flock up to 12 birds. Had some big plans but a coyote got all of them one night. Well I didnt want to wait for another year of hatching eggs from ebay so I just got 12 golden laced wyandottes from cackle. I do have room for another flock of 12 but thats the big question mark. Was thinking something exotic like Penedesenca or game birds. I see the marans in a big surge would think that at some point they wont be wanted so much. But what is? Whats gonna be the next big bird that you have to have? Anyone seeing trends? Next question. Everyone is selling hatching eggs but I only see hatcheries selling mail order chicks. Doesnt seem like theres much to be made on the hatching egg selling but I would think selling mail order chicks you could make a little more. Has anyone done this on a small scale and did they have any problems with the post office?
The next big fad? Want me to get out my Tarot cards and ask for you?

Post office regulations are very clear and available in print for you to look at. Other than chicks dying during shipping, you shouldn't have any problems with the post office as long as you follow the regulations and have your health papers in order.
Also, you are buying your breeding stock from a hatchery which means you will be hatching out hatchery quality chicks, so don't expect to get any more $ for them than the hatcheries are charging for theirs.
I don't think Oregon meant any harm in what was said. Keep in mind that he is from Oregon and they really do talk like that, even to their best friends. I know this from personal experience. Your from Oklahoma and that is the same as being from a different world. I seriously think that he was really just trying to give you information and did not mean to come across as being snippy. It is an Oregon thing. You should go there. They have a sign that actually says for tourists to come for a short while, but dont stay.
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