want to add OEGB to flock advice


Feb 12, 2010
Roanoke VA
I have a smallish flock of 2 Barred Rocks 2 EE's and 3 silkies, I have chick fever something bad and am thinking of adding some Old English Game bantams. From what Ive read they say to add birds when they are the same size but the OEGB wont get as big as the brs and ees. Do you think they will do ok since my flock already has some smaller silkies in it?
they should be fine, just be cautious about adding new roosters, regardless of the breed...and trying adding them at night, it is easier on the birds all around...
I have no roosters and Ill be getting the new ones as chicks and will not know for a while if there are any roos in the bunch..

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