Want to add to flock. Now or wait to spring?


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I have a flock of 9 (8 hens and 1 roo) and would like to add up to another ten hens. Is there a better time to add chicks? Is it too late now that the weather is starting to get cold? Or is it better to get them now so they have feathers before it gets too cold? (I thought if I add them now they can grow while it is winter and be ready to lay when the weather gets warmer.)
Is there a best time to add chicks?
Well I think it is easier to do it when the weather outside is great and you can free range the little one week olds for a few minutes without them getting cold.

But I have eggs in the incubator, more ordered, and I'm going to brood them in the garage!! Then out to the coop with two 100 watt bulbs when I think they are ready!!!

A little more difficult when it's cold, in other words.

I'm planning to keep the light bulb on in their coop for at least 7-8 weeks (down to a 60 watt bulb by then), so they can warm up if they get cold since it will be wintery. I'll probably send them out to the coop at 3-4 weeks with the light bulbs.

Just to be sure you know, the first week 90-95 degrees and decrease by 5 degrees per week of life is what is recommended. And I will definitely follow it, just in the coop with free range choice when they are old enough.
You might think about other folks that are trimming down their flocks for winter and may have some grown or older pullets for sale just to make room . I bought 8 BCM's yesterday , the man was just trying to make room for another group coming out of the incubator .
i want to add more to my flock too!
but.. .. i am going to atleast wait till february to order more. that way the heat lamp will only be on for a while, then they can go into the coop outside.
good luck tho.
My current flock is approx 7 months old. I did just buy 9 4 days old NH chicks and am planning on keeping the pullets only and rehoming the roo's. Spring is the easiest time, but then again come spring my NH will be starting to lay win/win. BUT I have been giving serious thought to asking for an incubator for Christmas this year so who knows where that will lead.
What I like about adding chicks in the Fall & Winter is that they WILL be laying in the late Spring; it's not too hard to keep them inside when it's cold outside - it's sort of fun to huddle over a warm brooder admiring the babies when it's nasty weather!

And THEN, when it's Spring, there are whole bunches more of breeds available in chicks to add THEM, too!

Win/win! (For a chicken hoarder.)
It would be a good idea to get chickens now so you can start getting eggs in the spring. Another thing is how big is your chicken coop. If it is big enough to let the chickens move around then yes get more. But if it is small wait till february,march.

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