want to buy coturnix quail eggs


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Mar 8, 2010
looking for some coturnix eggs any color then wild i just had 20 hatch and want some different colors thanks doug
Hi there, I'm in southern KY. I have mostly jumbo golden coturnix, with a few other colors. I do have a few jumbo browns (wild color), and there is a chance of hatching browns from the jumbo goldens, but you'd get a good variety. All my quail are in the same pen right now, it's the only one I have that is currently rat-proof. I lost 10 quail last week to the nasty things, so I had to improvise.

Here is a list of all the birds in my pen, they would be mixed sizes and colors. Probably mostly golden, since that is the dominant color in the pen, but you should get some tibetans or tuxes too, and a few browns or whites.

I have jumbo brown (5 hens), jumbo golden (12 hens), cinnamon (2 hens), red tibetan (1 hen), rosetta tibetan (1 hen), dark tibetan tuxedo (3 hens), and white (2 hens) with jumbo brown (1), jumbo golden (2), cinnamon (1), dark tibetan tuxedo (1), white (2), and rosetta (1) males.

Eggs are $3 a dozen plus shipping, thanks

Edit to add that you can check my auction listings to see pics of the birds. The pics were before the rats, so some of the birds are no longer here
but many are yet. Just click on my name <---- and scroll to the bottom of the page. Next to auctions, click on 'show all listings' for the links
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