want to buy fertile eggs....where??


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I just got a new incubator and want to know where to buy fertile eggs?? I am really liking French Wheaton Marans and Welsummer Chickens. Can anyone tell me the best place to find eggs?
I don't know if you are in the Ozarks of Arkansas or Missouri, but I would start by visiting both of those threads in the "Where am I where are you section"...
Then I'd visit the hatching eggs section to see what is available.

I've never had trouble finding hatching eggs here on BYC and have been VERY happy with all of the breeders that I have purchased eggs from.

There is also a place here on the forum where you can enter your wishes in a WTB (want to buy) post.

Good luck.
Oh, my!! You're all so great, I didn't expect such quick replies. I live in the Ozarks in Arkansas, Mahonri and thanks so much for the info!!!
And, I'm going to the other sites to see what I can find.....Thanks soooooo much, Hanging Wit My Peeps and Cattlemen.
Wow, I'm impressed....I think this BYC site is just the place for me!
BYC is really great! Although, I will warn you, we are enablers here. We are always encouraging more and more chickens!!

Good luck with your search for eggs. I would recommend trying to purchase eggs locally before ordering eggs that need to be shipped. Shipped eggs are risky due to post office handling.

I love wheaten marans and welsummers!! I would like to add both to my backyard flock. Good choices!!
I worked in Russleville and ft smith for a little while it was really pretty out your way like has been mentioned closer is much better I have been finding a few hatching eggs off of craigslist I just hatched a few quail from eggs I got close by. good luck

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