want to purchase a quail locally -- northwest washington!


10 Years
Sep 24, 2009
Hi, my name is Kelley. I am looking to purchase some variety of quail (probably just one) for a pet -- I have bred and raised quail before, Chinese Painted, Japanese, and Bobwhite, but haven't been able to have any for years. Now I'm just looking for one to have as a pet.

I live in Bellingham, Washington, and would much rather find a local breeder or pet store to purchase a quail from rather than shipping one from some other part of the country. But so far I have not found a local source. Does anyone know a good place to look?

I am looking for either a Bobwhite, a Mountain Quail, or a California Quail.

Feel free to email me at [email protected].

Thank you so much.
Hi Kelley, Welcome Back To Quail. Post This Under The Bst- Other Poultry Section And Keep Checking Back As Thats Where The Buying And Selling Takes Place--- I'm Sure You'll Find Something There That Strikes Your Fancy
I know you say you only want one, but I would suggest getting 2 at least. One would be very lonely! If you don't want to breed them, you can always get 2 females. Then you'd have some eggs for crafts or eating to boot, along with your pets

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