Want to split Chicken Purchase-SE Tennessee


13 Years
May 18, 2010
Pikeville, TN
I would really like to order a dozen hens and a few more roosters for my chicken house. I previously ordered from Meyer Hatchery and they did a fabulous job. I would like to find someone else in this area who is looking for a dozen chickens too. Shipping charges would drop $ 25.00 for an order of 24+ chickens (I believe). Otherwise I'm just gonna see if I can't find someone who is selling the type of chickens I am looking for without having to pay $ 35-$40 for shipping. Thanks for any feedback!
Depending on what you want HappyMtn is in Pikeville and she has a bunch as well as I do..and she and I meet up frequently.
Amy & I meet up often too. I am looking for some Plymouth White Rocks - just standards. Her birds are great but I am more of a vanilla person! That's why I thought I'd probably end up ordering from a Hatchery. You don't know of any place Chattanooga/McMinnville/Cookeville region that might sell chicks? Thanks for the response.
yeah- I'm definitely NOT vanilla! Tractor Supply has chicks now and the Pikeville co-op will have sex links eventually- well- they did last year. I was at TSC on Saturday and they just had cornish and bantams, so call them on any Tuesday that's usually when they get them in.
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