wanted 8-10 hatching eggs for broody hen

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    We are in need of some eggs for our little hen who decided to go broody on us. She can only cover about 8-10 and we are hoping to get a mix of breeds which we are wanting to use as base stock for next year. We aren't showing, our birds so SQ lineage not an issue.
    What we would like is either 3 eggs each of 3 breeds, or 4 eggs of 2 breed type combo on the eggs if anyone has that available.
    Cash/check for payment and it would be great if they were available in central or west central Pennsylvania and I could just pick them up instead of shipping... but I know that isn't too likely.

    The breeds we would be interested in... Australorp, Plymouth Rock
    Brahma, Delaware
    Barred Rock Chantecler
    Sussex Cornish

    If you have any of these breeds and have eggs available in smaller lots can you contact me with info and requested price and shipping options.

    Thank you!
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