wanted a baby Hen


5 Years
Mar 15, 2014
want to know where I can buy a hen..i have the rooster I need ...just need a baby chick hen...but want to buy it in my town....any help of where I might find one...I found one place but they wanted me to buy 6!! and I don't have room for 6 babies..just one is all I want...thanks
Hi ok not sure why but I might go ahead but see our yard is so small ...that only one would be nice..i had a hen and she was doing well laying eggs...I just didn't realize my dog would attack her...killing her...but she was getting away from him just fine...she just got stuck in a place she couldn't get away fast enough from him ..I wont let that happen again...the rooster does fine and I watch him good....but why is one so bad...when I had her we did fine...together...and she was a lot to handle I thought...but I sure miss the eggs she gave me a lot......and want to replace her...and 6 would be just too too much for me...plus they live on my back porch now...thanks for writing me !!!
Usually the Rooster will pester the 1 hen too much for mating purposes-that is why you usually have at least 2 hens with the rooster. To share the love, if you know what I mean.
If you had the rooster before with just one hen he may be more laid back with the mating thing lol. Do you have a Craigslist in your area to buy a hen from? Or you could advertise that you would like to buy just one hen from someone. If you get the 6 chicks and raise them till about 6 weeks you could pick out a hen from the group and sell the others-the rooster would not be able to be with the chick till it is bigger and that would take some time so you may really want to get him an adult bird. All things to consider. Good luck with your decision.
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