Wanted - Columbia, SC - barred rocks and rhode island reds (4 or 5)


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Mar 5, 2009
Columbia, SC
Looking to buy 4 or 5 barred rocks, rhode island reds, or combinations thereof, all hens! Would like them laying but will take younger.

Any suggestions?
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I have also been looking for laying hens in SC. I live near Charleston.

I have seen two listing on the SC Market Bulletin for hens in Edgefield, SC.

Here are the listings:

RIR PULLETS, 8w/o, $7; Ameraucana Pullet chicks, $3up; Barred Rock chicks, straight run, $1.50up. Andrea Hensley; Edgefield; 803-202-4500

LIGHT BRAHMA HENS, Barred Rock hen, now laying, $15; Buff Orpington hen, $13; Silkie pr, now laying, $25; Blue Cochin rooster, $10; Blk. Australorp rooster, $10. Rhonda Nowicki; Edgefield; 803-278-3975

I hope this helps. If you find something closer I might be interested too. I'd like to add 2 to 4 hens to the 2 DOminiques I bought last Saturday.

Good luck,


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