WANTED: D'uccle Bantams!


8 Years
Jun 10, 2013
I am looking for some D'uccle bantams! I am mainly interested in mille fleur and porcelain D'uccles. Must be young and healthy! I am looking for maybe a rooster and three hens. I would also prefer them to be young chicks so I can work with them and tame them! I am not trying to be picky but I would prefer them to be small with a porcelain rooster with some mille fleur and porcelain hens. I don't eat my chickens by the way! I have been looking for this breed for awhile because I think they are beautiful chickens! I am in the eastern panhandle of WV but I would buy from anyone in VA or somewhere nearby. I will meet you and if you are not too far off I will pick them up too! I may also be willing to have someone ship them to me, but I am not sure how I would go about paying or the price to even have them shipped. So shipping is a maybe. Thanks!
P.S. If anyone has modern game bantams I would love to have a couple hens!
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I also have a total of 7 mille fleurs and BTW they are all chicks! The Porcelains are feathered already and are as big an an apple... The miles are 3 weeks. I am keeping maybe 5 of the milles. I don't know how to sex the milles though... too young...

Sounds great! Are you wanting to sell?

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