WANTED for FFA - Blue Wyandotte bantam hen


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Jul 26, 2013
My daughter is current FFA member in Thurston County (Washington State) She has a Gold Laced Wyandotte Rooster that she has been showing however she would like a smaller hen for show and loves wyndottes. She would like to find a Blue Wyandotte bantam hen from a local breeder. Does anyone know of a breeder in Washington that may have this breed .

Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you
Hi Chicfriendly5,
I would go to featherauction.com. I found my blue wyandotte bantams there. The guy I got them uses the seller name bigpapaD. He had five of them and I bought all five. He is in Chehalis, Washington. That is in Lewis County. Maybe you could get a hold of him. He has a pair of silver laced bantams and a trio of white bantams posted on the site. I would highly recommend him because his grandkids show and he tries to get birds that are from top quaility breeders and exhibitors.

Hope this helps,
Thank you I'll check that out. We ordered a few hatching eggs and our broody silkie hatched two a week plus a few days ago but we would like to get a few more. We are also looking locally for butterscotch call ducks for my other daughter.

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