Wanted: Silkies & Standard Brahmas - Michigan


10 Years
Feb 26, 2009

I am looking for a couple show potential Silkie and/or Standard Brahma chicks. I am willing to go with eggs also. I would be showing the chicks in 4-H. I live in Lapeer County, MI. Please post pictures of your chickens, and the price of chicks/eggs, the minimum amount of eggs/chicks you can ship, and around how much for shipping.

Thank you!
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Oh, wow. That a little to much for me to pay....Thanks PouletsDeCajun for the info.

By the way, your website is really nice
and your Silkies are gorgeous!
I breed standard light brahmas. Pictures can be seen here www.freewebs.com/sundownwaterfowl under the photo gallery. I do not sell chicks but I do sell hatching eggs. I have already hatched 2 batches of brahmas this year and another due next week. I can ship either 6+ for $25, 9+ for $30, or 12+ for $35. That includes shipping. Let me know if you are interested or not.
I have light Brahmas and white and buff Silkies south of Detroit. I will have chicks this spring if you are interested.
I am between Detroit and Toledo, and will try to pull some pics together tonight.
Feel free to send a pm.
I will be coming to MI(Lansing area) the weekend of the 20th.. I could bring you white silkie eggs.. $25 a dozen.. I can send you pics if you send me your email address..
I have a black silkie Roo that is really nice that is looking for his own little flock.he is gorgeous, I just have to many boys..
and I might have some started silkie chicks for sale. I need to go thru the brooder
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