Wanted" Standard Polish in MI

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    May 6, 2011
    Battle Creek, MI
    My Mom is internet retarded- soooooo I'm posting looking for birds for her:

    Standard Polish (not bantums or large bantums)

    Straight or good frizzled feathers ok

    bearded or non bearded ok

    she has 2 roos & 7 hens right now (in Standard Polish)

    wants 1 more roo- prefers blue w/ white cap or black w/ white cap

    wants a couple hens- would like a well marked splash or 2- otherwise something she doesn't already have (she has 2 black w/ white caps, 1 gold lace, 1 silver lace, 1 solid red, a paint/splash (mostly white a couple black spots) & a blue frizzle- only frizzle)

    You can email me at: [email protected] (Courtney)
    or call her at 734 498 3924 (Linda)

    I live in Lansing & she lives in Chelsea/Ann Arbor area

    Planning to be at Chickenstock & could meet up there, or come out to a house within a couple hours depening on what you have.

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