wanted to kill two shepherds, but wife was home


8 Years
Feb 3, 2011
Just saw two shepherds chasing three of our five hens. One was safe as she is in sick bay in the living room, and the other was laying earlier this morning, but now, Chicken Whitehead, our best layer cannot be found....One of the dogs had a cut on its snout. I think he got her....AAArrrggh and now tears. We safely returned the shepherds to their owner. Aren't we nice.
You are way nice than me (and I'm a wife) I would of culled those two myself, you know they will be back. If it's on my farm, and trying to KILL my stock, it's history. Period.

I am so sorry you had to be 'nice', but when your wife see's another of your layer friends suffering for no good reason, except dog sport, she may see it your way. Good luck.
from GA. I am so sorry. I am another wife. Those dogs would have been SSS. If you come on my property after my birds you die. I have lost 12 hens to a stray dog attack. I will do my best to make sure it does not happen ever again. They will be back. Good luck
That would be their one and only "Second Chance" if it was me. Maybe you will have responsible neighbors that will actually care enough to keep their dogs safe.... but those are rare.

I've got an Annie Oakley reputation, but I would much rather have people keep their dogs safe at home. I get sick of killing what could be a great family pet because the owner is an idiot. I live on 12 acres in the woods.... my chickens aren't going into the dogs yard. I have one neighbor that thinks his dogs make better watch dogs if he keeps them hungry.

I am so tired of having to shoot dogs that I have a new method of predator control. If I see a dog coming around and the neighbor won't keep it home... I load it up and find it a new home!
Well, we never saw these dogs or owner before, and my wife was there with me warning me to be nice, which was for the best. The woman said that the dogs must have opened the door, and escaped. She was distraught, and offered a chicken from her flock if we could not find ours. She was very nice about it, and me being mean to her was not going to get our hen back, and would have made me feel worse, especially after my wife was done with me. Thank goodness the end result was for the best. The feathers are a bit dishevelled on Chicken Whitehead, but she looks OK.

A domestic dogs was not one of our concerns until now. The hens have been cooped up in the run much of this snowy winter so they have finally been able to get out in the yard. What a yucky feeling today. We have all of the usual predators in the area as we have thick woods out back. All of my work on the coop and run digging in the thick hardware cloth and tin roof and on and on, and darn dogs during daylight. Next time it is 3 inch #4 lead, or .40 cal, or .22long rifle, or...

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