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12 Years
Dec 31, 2007
Washington State
Hi Folks,

The wife is surfing the net on the other 'puter right now for egg cartons. In particular, she's looking for cartons big enough to hold our duck eggs.

So, I'm throwing a question out there for anybody who can answer... Where's the best place to buy egg cartons? For both chicken and ducks? Where do y'all get yours and how much should I be looking at paying?

Also, we are looking for 1-2 more Black Runner ducks, a Trio or Quad of White Runners, we'd definitely consider a Trio or Quad of Fawn Runners, we'd like 2-3 Black Cayuga ducks, a Swedish Blue drake (and we'd consider a duck too), a couple of Production Rouen ducks, and a couple of Welsh Harlequin ducks. Almost forgot, we want to add a Trio or maybe Quad of Khaki Campbells too.

We are also looking for Pilgrim Geese and in particular we would like to get the Ashbrook strain.

Lastly, we would like to add a couple of Polish hens (prefer Buff or Black-white crested) and a half dozen guinea fowl.

If anyone can help out with our search above, please let me know. Please send all replies to my personal email addy: [email protected]

Thanks & God Bless,
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