Wanting some ducks


12 Years
Sep 2, 2009
Claxton, GA
I am wanting to get some ducks, probably about 5 for now ( 1 male & 4 females ). I am interested in the breeds that will not fly away since I want them to enjoy our pond after they get used to where home is (aka their pen). I have read that Rouens will fly at most 100', so I was thinking of those. They will have their own "house" and run-in an area near the pond, including a little pool. I currently have 15 chickens that will stay in their own coop and run. So they will not be living together. DH has already put a floating platform out in the middle of the pond and we haven't even gotten them yet

My questions are: 1.) Do any of you duck owners know of any other breeds of ducks that will not fly away?
2.) Is raising ducks similar to raising chickens? If not, how do they differ?

Any other advice would be appreciated

Thank you all!!!

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