wanting to build a brooding coop

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    Jul 6, 2008
    I don't know if that's what you call it but I need a place where my girls will be brooding or sitting in the spring. I have been blessed with a bunch of girls this year and I know they'll want to sit come spring. I need a place where they can sit, hatch and take care of the young ones until they are old enough to join the rest. Any ideas out there.
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    Oct 16, 2008
    Shop around on craigslist or recycle.com . I found a used plastic play house that is 4 by 5 by 4. It had openings for windows and I used duct tape to tape pieces of plexiglass in them. It worked really well for my new chicks untill I was able to build a coop and run for them. I paid $40 and then maybe $29 more for glass and nesting boxes which were plastic storage bins from walmart.
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    I fully realize the last post for this was 5 years ago, most likely you have completed your project. However I am quite pleased with the outcome of my project. My brooding coop has the following specks.
    • 1 foot off the ground, nice shade underneath.
    • Removable sections on three sides for easy cleaning.
    • Hinged roof for adding food and checking on eggs.
    • Inside floor is 40 inches X 6 feet dimensions were determined by the wood I had as scrap. Plenty of room for the young chicks to grow in for two plus months.
    • Full size double wall water container. I will poor marbles in the water when the chicks are about to hatch.
    • Dark inside to help create the mood to brood
    • I have not put the rat ramp up yet but I will within the next couple weeks.

    Two days ago I placed my Silver Laced Wyandotte and my Cuckoo Marans in the brooding coop. These two hens get along well, and are more likely to brood than my other hens. The coop has one nest with eggs in it. Once one of them goes broody I will switch the eggs out for fertile eggs and take the other hen back with the other hens.
    No signs of broodiness in either of them yet. Hope one of them gets in the brooding mood soon.

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